By Emma Smith,

Did you ever think to yourself “why the hell did I buy that solar fountain kit because it never works!” Don’t worry you’re not the only one, but first let’s go back to basics, perhaps it’s not functioning properly because you haven't followed the instructions? You’ve already searched the internet if anybody else is having the same problems and you’ve probably landed on some very negative comments. However, these people are also in the same boat, frustrated and jumped to the conclusion of the item being faulty, and also not reading the manual properly. For potential buyers who are thinking about going to buy a solar fountain kit, but have read bad reviews on it, it is good to know there are steps which you can take before you think it’s broken.


Not fully charged by sunlight

The word “solar power” is so appealing that somehow you may overlook its core weakness. Fountain kits that run by solar energy is a great and convenient method on how it can operate, but what you need to ensure for the magic to start is to allow the fountain to get full direct sunlight. It must be heated by sunlight to at least 40 ℃ before you’re going to see anything sprouting out. The best thing to do is to place it in an area outside that can get full exposure from the sun. It only works well when the sun is shining at full blast which means for the shady, cloudy, windy, snowy days, you won’t be able to see it pumping that well. It will not work at night time because there is no sun, so this fountain kit makes a fabulous water feature for spring and summer, the only seasons that the birds will come to visit.


Not cleaning the pump and nozzles frequently

Placing your fountain kit in the right place isn’t enough for it to work efficiently throughout the entire summer. It is convenient but you still need to clean the pump and nozzle from time to time because it can get blocked. Especially if you’ve placed it in a pond full of slimy algae and insects love to roam around the garden. So make sure you take care of your kit and give it a clean at least once a week to ensure a fully working fountain.


Insufficient water harms the lifespan of the pump

If you are placing your fountain kit in a small container, there is a high possibility for the water to spout out over the edges. You then need to refill the water before the water runs out otherwise the lifespan and efficiency of the pump will be shortened. You can either get a bigger container or refill the water more often as you can but requires a lot more attention. Make sure you’ve got a nice large space like a bird bath filled with lots of water so your fountain will flow nicely.

If you’ve got these 3 main things locked down, your fountain kit should be running smoothly and happily. I don’t think anyone can complain about this little kit when you’ve followed the instructions and it’s working fine because for the price and effects this can do, it’s definitely worth it and makes a beautiful water feature for the backyard.

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