By Emma Smith,

Honestly, shopping for children is quite easy because they never hesitate at what they want. Instead, they give you a list of 101 things and hope for the top items on the list which are often very expensive and not worth-buying.. To make sure they’ll absolutely love their gifts while at the same time making sure the gift has something more than just the ordinary, we’ve put together a gift guide that works for both little girls and boys.  

Take imagination off the page!

Does your child have a talent for drawing or do they like arts and crafts? A 3D printing pen is what your kid needs to go further to develop their art sense and create solid and tangible objects. It also helps to improve spatial thinking ability which is essential for art, mathematics and architecture. If your kid is over 6, this makes the perfect gift as it’s easy to handle and safe to use while not making a mess to clean up after.


Bring the Galaxy Home!

Are your little ones mesmerized and fascinated by the galaxy stars?! A constellation night light will make your kids stay in comfort and secure in the dark. The stars projected on the ceiling creates a beautiful night starry sky that unlimit kids’ imagination. What makes it stunning is the function of self-rotation and the beautiful colors it projects. How can kids not love this!


Maximize the fun with family time!

How about something that the whole family can play together? In the end games are more fun when you interact with other people. Sometimes they just want your time and attention and buying them the most luxurious gift might not be what they want! A remote control flying fish is just what they want to play with you and their friends! Play time with others help them to build up stronger relationships and confidence.

Still not sure what to get? Ok, maybe this will clear up your mind a little bit: What do you want your kids to be? Everyone is unique in this world, your kids definitely have their own strengths. As a parent, you know more about your kids when they are too little to figure out what they need. You can see their potential and what their future holds more precisely than they can. So pick the gift that you think is good for their talent development, mental health and positive personality building. Every gift giving should be mindful and memorable because at the end of the day, you are shaping them to be who they become.

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