By Laura Ashley,

Buying gifts for men can become repetitive until you really run out of ideas what to get for them. It can become a daunting job and you rather ask them for their wish list to play it safe. This year instead of going for the norm, why not choose something that is proven to work by research and know for sure that they will love it.

According to the research from Stanford University, men in general are less interested in the symbolic meaning of a gift than its actual usefulness. Gifts that are practical and something they can use on a daily is the best choice to go for. Prepare yourself for The 6 Most Wanted gifts that every man hopes to unwrap on their special day. 



 1. The Fidget Spinner

You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook now, but this fidget spinner thing is becoming a craze since the Pokemon game. This little device is great for relieving stress while looking cool at the same time.


2. Easy Trimming Bib

Always complaining about the amount of beard hair all over the bathroom sink and floor when they’re finished grooming themselves? Woohoo for the Trimming Bib, that sticks onto any bathroom mirrors catching all the mess making clean up easy.



3. Bluetooth Smart Watch

Believe it or not, men love accessories as much as women do and among all of the accessories, the watch is the must have staple piece to complete any gentlemans wardrobe. A stylish smart watch with all the latest tech can be worn everyday and not cost a fortune.



4. Wireless Charging Kit

Everyone likes presents that make life a little easier and more convenient. Charging with those long annoying cords can get tangled and messy. A super convenient way of charging your phone is by placing it on top of this device. He’ll love this!


5. Cotton Bluetooth Hat

This could be the best alternative to traditional wired earphones that get knotted or caught up easily. To be able to enjoy music without the tangled wires and doubling up as a hat is a winner. Who wouldn't want one of these?



6. Car Carbon Fibre Sticker

If he loves his car, he will love this quick and easy makeover with our Carbon Fibre Adhesive Sticker. Transform the interior of their car in an instant and give them a professional upgrade that won’t break the bank!


Perfume, shoes and clothing are not included in this list since they are all very personal and sometimes hard to get it right. Go for things that are practical and he’ll thank you for it! Buying something that’s cool and useful while special in design is always the wisest choice.  


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