By Emma Smith,

Having a garden project is always fun when there’s a fountain involved especially when it’s solar powered! Running solely from the sun's energy rather than your electricity bills, this certainly will be kind to your wallet while doing good to the environment at the same time. You might want to beautify your backyard pond, bird bath or even your fish tank with a lovely fountain and invite the birds to come out to play. Here are some D.I.Y projects you can try out that will look great with a bird fountain kit.


Pebbles and Stones

If you have enough pebbles and stones to cover the entire base of the float, different shades of browns and ivories will give off a modern ancient greek european theme. Want something more soothing? Smooth mixed grey stones will give off a very relaxing zen-like feel of a Japanese spa that oozes peace and tranquility. So remember, next time you’re off to the beach, remember to pick some up. Why not try decorating with Luminous Pebbles that glow in the dark, your garden is in a treat with these.

Flowers and Plants


Give your local gardening center a visit and start planting some seeds. Bird Baths with flowers and plant pots around with lengths and lengths of greenery will add vibrancy and color to your happy place. Gorgeous pink peonies and delicate lilac sefrans will brighten up your bird bath on a warm summer's day. The birds will definitely love to cool off in the fountain and will keep coming back for more to enjoy the beauty of your garden flowers.


Lily Pads and Frogs

These solar fountains love floating around and getting as much sun exposure as they can. If you’ve got a small pond in your garden, then that's perfect for your solar fountain. Opt for Water lily pads for a serene and calming environment. Frogs will certainly compliment this garden decor and also get the kids exciting and be something for them to enjoy.

Whichever way you want to decorate, choose a fountain that's solar powered for durability and effective. The Easy Bird Fountain Kit is also simple to clean and comes with 3 different attachment tops for a range of water effects. Let it float away freely or fix it on to one spot with the suction cups you can find underneath. Make sure the sun can get to it for maximum results!



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