Ways To Keep Your Pet Flea-Free

By Hannah Jones,

Getting rid of fleas in your house is a pretty daunting job, but it gets harder when they make their way onto your cat and dog. Here are 6 ways to keep your pet and home flea-free!

1. Wash wash wash!
We wash ourselves every day, so why not keep your pet just as clean? When they run, jump and play around outside, they pick up dirt, bacteria and foreign objects from other animals. Keep them clean with shampoo and a deep cleaning device such as our Pet Shower Sprayer

2. Wash bedding regularly
Keeping your pet washed will keep them clean, but make sure to keep their bedding just as clean! Wash it regularly on high heat to remove excess germs, dirt as well as killing any fleas and eggs in the process!

3. Use a Flea Comb
If your pet is unfortunate enough to have caught fleas or you would like to keep them flea-free, make sure to use a fine Flea Comb after each wash! This fine double-layer tooth comb gently brushes through the fur to trap any fleas, ticks or debris.


4. Vacuum as much as you can!
Stray fur, dust, and dirt make it easy for your pet to catch and keep fleas! As dogs and cats tend to shed a lot, it’s important to keep your home dusted and vacuumed to prevent a flea infestation. Compact Vacuum Cleaners are good for quick and easy cleaning.

5. Buy plants that repel fleas
Some plants smell amazing and can leave your home with a natural, beautiful scent. These same amazing smells are also known to repel fleas! Plants such as rosemary, lavender, wormwood, and sage can significantly help with fleas. Place them in a nice pot near entrances, on your pet’s usual route around the house, and even near windows.

6. Flea preventative
Finally, a sure way to kill and prevent fleas is to use a topical and/or oral medication for pets. They’re fast-acting, effective and a proven way to tackle fleas and their larvae. These are usually readily available at your local Vet or Superstore.

We hope this helps keep your beloved pet and home flea-free!

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