Outdoor Lighting Idea Basics

By Hannah Jones,

Everyone would like an outdoor space that is inviting, cozy and ambient, even when the sun goes down. You want to avoid dark corners, overpowering lights, and cold, bright bulbs. If you’re thinking about revamping or decorating your outdoor space, here are some things to consider to get it just right!


1. Safety and Security
Walking around in the dark is not only a little scary, but it can also be dangerous. Obstacles such as steps, boulders, curved pathways, and outdoor decor can all be hazardous. Make sure your front and back yard are well-lit to avoid slips and falls. The following lighting ideas are great for safety without compromising on style:

  • Outdoor LED strip lighting for stairs and large steps that can be cut to size
  • Individual path lights to create beautiful ground lighting
  • Motion sensor lights to turn only when needed, excellent for pets and security
  • Wall/fence fixture lights
  • Smart Lighting with an App for when you’re away from home

2. Seasonal
Adapting your outdoor space to suit the season is essential. When it’s Autumn/Winter you want to be thinking about cozy textures, heaters, and even fiery lighting such flickering flame bulbs, or flameless candles.

During the Spring and Summer months, you want to create an inviting space with fresh colors and lighting. It’s the perfect time to create cute lighting ornaments and even add an LED water feature.

3. Cost
Lighting can be expensive. You want to create the perfect atmosphere but avoid the costly electricity bills that come with having your lights on all night!

With modern lighting, it’s easy to decorate your outdoor space with the use of LED and Solar-powered lighting. Let your lights soak up the rays in the sunshine and watch them automatically light up at night reducing your expense! LED lights are also a much cheaper and simpler option than traditional bulbs.


These are all important factors to consider when thinking about lighting up your outdoor space!

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