By Hannah Jones,

Want to make your home your own with a personal touch? Step forth. Don’t just let your creativity stay stuck inside your head, make them into a reality. There are lots of resources on the internet that guide you and help you get the job done, which can also cut down your makeover expense too. Believe it or not, home projects do not need to cost a lot of money and they actually can be done by yourself easily.



The most popular DIY home projects often involve wall decor and there are three most popular ways to do it. Since no one likes fussy things, self-adhesive mirror stickers and wallpapers are so popular for any home makeover. Your creativity is never sacrificed for the exchange of convenience because there are so many choices for self-adhesive mirror stickers and wallpapers out there, regarding their quality, color or pattern. For some self-adhesive mirror stickers you’ll only need $10, and $50-$100 for 3D looking wallpapers. 3D Brick Wall Wallpaper is one of the best choices for creating an urban theme feel to your home. You can even use different colors of brick wall pieces to create your own unique style of wall. These are great because they are easy to measure and cut into any size you like. Another  way to decorate is to have photos, pictures or drawings hanging on the wall. Get an inexpensive frame, and get some inspiration  and ideas on how you can paint over them. Be creative and remember to think about the colors in your furniture, perhaps match it with the color or print of your cushions.




Sick of your old, tired looking cabinets and home appliances but don’t want to fork out for new ones? Now it’s even easier to revive them by changing up their appearance with a simple solution of covering it up with paint or self-adhesive films. Get an instant elegant and sleek design modern kitchen by painting over the old cabinets and applying stainless steel adhesive film over appliances. You can get a big roll of stainless steel adhesive film for around $20, that will be enough for your refrigerator, dishwasher and countertops. For the paint, the price ranges from $10 to $30.    



Changing the floor tiles costs huge amounts and take up lots of time! People usually get cosy rugs for floor decor and they make a huge difference to the home! There are endless super easy ways to make your own rug, if you like pom poms, get a bag of pom pom, glue them on a rug mat using a hot glue gun. It costs less than $10. Stuck on ideas? Give Youtube a search and see all the thousands of easy ideas you can do. Dazzle up your curtains, by choosing a lightweight white lace curtain and drape fairy lights behind them for a stunning twinkling atmosphere. A refreshing combination that only costs around $25 and looks pretty at night too.

Give these a try if you want an amazing transformation without breaking the bank! All you need to do is buy the right stuff and if needed, borrow tools from your friends or relatives. Just redo your home bit by bit and you’ll start to notice other things you can add in to complete your dream home. DIY should be relaxing and full of fun, so don’t rush it, and best of all the end results will make you feel great about accomplishing something all by yourself.

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