4 Charming Backyard Lighting Ideas!

By Hannah Jones,

Spending time outside in the warm Summer evenings is priceless. Who doesn’t enjoy late night BBQs, drinks in the backyard with friends and spending quality time with the family? Set the tone right and make your backyard the most adorable in town with these cute garden lighting ideas!

1. Flower Stake Lights

Want hassle-free flowers that last all year round? These Flower Stake Lights are the perfect solution! They look beautiful in the daytime and produce stunning, romantic colors at night. Best of all, they run on solar-power, so all you have to do is position them in the sunlight! No watering, no weeding and no feeding! Just gorgeous bright flowers for your backyard all the time.

2. Dandelion String Lights

Dandelions, love the flower but hate the weed? Don’t worry! These Dandelion String Lights are delicately beautiful and produce a warm white glow for the perfect ambience in your backyard. Drape them along the garden fence or hang them around the patio! Being water-resistant and solar-powered they are also ideal for the outdoors!

3. Bee String Lights

It’s always great to see bees in your backyard, it’s the symbol of Summer and a happy, blooming garden. You can now have bees in your backyard at all times with these cute Bee String Lights! Intricately made with little details to really impress your guests! Just place the solar panel in the sunlight to have long-lasting glowing bumble bees all year round!

4. Dangling Hummingbird Lights

Hummingbirds are sweet, small and colorful, why wouldn’t you want them in your backyard?! This impressive Dangling Hummingbird Light is the perfect addition for your porch or any gloomy areas around your home. Watch them come to life as they charge up in the daytime and produce a glistening, colorful glow at night!

Make sure to overload your backyard with charm this Summer with these adorable backyard lighting ideas. Impress your friends, family and neighbours with these unique lighting ideas that will be sure to warm their hearts.

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