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Leg Correction Bands

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Dream of perfect legs? Make it happen with these Leg Correction Bands! Just wear them around your legs while sitting on the sofa watching TV, or when lying in bed with a book! They will help fix your posture and achieve beautiful legs without effort. Keep it up and see a big difference in just a few weeks!


Main Features:
  • Help you sculpt perfect form for straight legs
  • Designed to correct bow legs or knock knees
  • Portable and lightweight, can be used anywhere
  • Made from Elastic Cloth and Velcro
  • Unisex, works for men and women
  • Durable, shape-maintaining
  • Safer and cheaper alternative than surgery
  • Available in Black


    How to Use:
    Wrap bands around your legs for 15-20min, twice a day



    Product Weight 180g
    Package Component 1 x Short Band, 1 x Medium-Length Band, 1 x Long Band


    Size Chart:

      Lower Leg Middle Leg Upper Leg
    M 33cm-38cm 35cm-40cm 40cm-45cm
    L 35cm-40cm 40cm-45cm 46cm-51cm
    XL 40cm-45cm 47cm-52cm 56cm-61cm
    XXL 47cm-52cm 55cm-60cm 65cm-70cm
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