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Easy Stick Nano Adhesive Pads (2pc)

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Got sore arms from holding up your phone or tablet to watch a video? Just throw this powerful Nano Adhesive Pad onto the wall and place your phone right on it! It's super easy, quick, and reliable. You don't ever have to worry about your phone falling off an unsteady stand again. Stick anything anywhere anytime!


Main Features:

  • Employs latest nano technology, extremely strong adhesion
  • Designed to hold up your phone or tablet off walls, works even on surfaces that are not smooth and flat, such as car dashboards
  • Elastic, malleable, easily removed, does not leave stain
  • Reusable and eco-friendly, rinse with water and it'll be as sticky as new
  • Thin, portable, compact, lightweight, durable, long-lasting
  • Available in Round Shape
  • Perfect for your home, office, road trips, traveling, etc.


Caution: Keep away from open flame


How to Use:

  1. Remove protection sheets on both sides (but don't throw them away)
  2. Throw pad on wall to stick and place your device onto it
  3. For removal, twist and pull your device gently; peel pad off the wall
  4. Wash, air dry, put pad between protective sheets until next use



Product Size Diameter: 8cm
Product Weight 15g
Package Component 2 x Adhesive pad
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