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Heart Shaped Reflective Wind Spinner

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Infuse love into your garden with our Heart Shaped Reflective Wind Spinner. A great gift for those you appreciate, it spins elegantly in a gentle breeze or a strong gust, creating soothing patterns and pretty reflections.

Main Features:

    • Made from highly polished stainless steel
    • Mesmerizing 3D effect in the breeze
    • Comes with a swivel hanging hook for convenient hanging
    • Safe and simple bird repellent

    How to use:

    1. Hold the top or bottom of the wind spinner, grab the center piece and 1st few rings
    2. Twist center piece open to about 60-80 degrees
    3. Adjust the rings for even spacing and aesthetics


      Product size

      20 x 36 cm / 7.8 x 14.1 in

      Package Component 1 x Heart Shaped Reflective Wind Spinner
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