Solar-Powered Paw Print Lights
  Description: These paw prints light up! Place these cute paw prints in your back yard and watch them light up at night. They’re solar-powered and cost nothing to run!  ...
SAVE 25%
£14.99  £19.99
LED Fairy Berries (10 Pcs)
  Description: Are you planning a party? Set the mood right with these beautiful LED Fairy Pearl Lights! Decorate your garden with them and make it seem as if fireflies lit...
SAVE 43%
£7.99  £13.99
Solar-Powered Outdoor Light Strips
  Description:Light up your garden path with these Solar-Powered Outdoor Light Strips. Bright and beautiful, they will set a romantic mood in any space. You can also wrap them around...
SAVE 31%
£24.99  £35.99
2 Pcs Solar-Powered LED Ground Light
Description: Give your outdoor space a stylish modern look with the Solar-Powered LED Ground Light! It is bright yet subtle, and your garden will bask in a soft warm white...
SAVE 38%
£17.99  £28.99
Solar-Powered Glass Brick Path Ligh...
  Description: Light up your garden path or lawn edge with ease using these "rock solid" Heavy Duty Brick Path Lights! Place them in full sun along driveways, carports or...
SAVE 33%
£11.99  £17.99
2 Pcs Heavy-Duty Solar-Powered LED ...
  Description: Make roads and driveways clear and bright with these Heavy-Duty Solar-Powered LED Driveway Lights. Place them in direct sunlight for solar charging.     Main Features: Ultra-bright LED...
SAVE 31%
£23.99  £34.99
Solar-Powered LED Path Light
  Description: Light up your steps with this Solar-Powered LED Path Light. Place this solar powered light in full sun along driveways, carports or pathways and you'll never have to worry about extra...
SAVE 42%
£13.99  £23.99
Solar-Powered LED Ring Ground Light
  Description: This Solar-Powered LED Ring Ground Light will light up your pathway at night, without having to worry about your electricity bill. Simply place it in the ground and watch...
SAVE 38%
£9.99  £15.99
Solar-Powered Butterfly Lights
Description: These butterflies light up! Place these cute Solar-Powered Butterfly Lights in your backyard and watch them light up at night. They’re solar-powered and cost nothing to run!     Main Features: ...
SAVE 50%
£19.99  £39.99

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